Six reasons to visit Kampung Arab

By Sultan Rivai, Contributor, Jakarta | Jul 16, 2014

The Jakarta Post Travel joined “A walk to share: Exploring Kampung

Arab — Pekojan”, which was organized by Komunitas Historia Indonesia
(KHI) on Saturday.

Kampung Arab was established in Batavia, the old name for Jakarta, in
the 18th century. The Arab community may no longer live there but it
still has many colonial-era buildings.

Al-Anshor Mosque

Al-Anshor Mosque on Jl. Pengukiran II is said to be the oldest mosque

in Jakarta. It was built in 1668 by immigrants from Malabar, India, and
over the years has under gone a lot of restoration.

There is only a tiny alley leading to the building, which is only

wide enough for a motorcycle, so this is not a place that visitors often
stumble upon.

Roudah Mosque

Around 1901, the Jamiatul Khair Islamic Education organization was
established in Pekojan by the Shahab brothers (Ali and Idrus) and Sheikh
Said Basandi.

In 1905, the organization decided to build Roudah Mosque on a small
alley — Jl. Pekojan Kecil II. It was dedicated to the worshiping
activities of females, teaching and other religious activities.

Men were only allowed to enter the mosque for sholat (compulsory prayers performed five times a day).

Zawiyah Mosque

Although initially deemed a langgar (small mosque), Zawiyah Mosque,
which was built around a century ago by Habib Ahmad bin Hamzah Alatas,
is actually quite spacious.

Habib, who was born in Tarim, Hadramaut (now South Yemen), taught
here during his time in Batavia. His teachings on Fathul Mu'in are still
popular among many traditionalists.

Jami' Annawier Mosque

Located only a few meters away from Zawiah Mosque, Jami' Annawier
Mosque is quite a sight to behold as it is one of the largest mosques in
West Jakarta.

It has a 17-meter tower that is said to symbolize the 17 rakaat (a set of rituals) of sholat in a day.

Built in 1760 by the scholar Sayyid Abdullah bin Hussein Alaydrus of
Hadramaut, the mosque is also known as Pekojan Mosque due to its
popularity among the locals of Pekojan area. It can accommodate up to
1,000 worshippers.

The tomb of a descendant of the founder, Syarifah Fatmah, can be
found at the back of the mosque and is frequently visited by tourists.

"Jami' Annawier Mosque is quite a sight to behold as it is one of the largest mosques in West Jakarta"

Goat Bridge and the Arab captain

There is an old house in front of An Nawier Mosque which was owned by
an Arab captain named Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Hammud. The captain's
descendants still lives there.

A few meters away from Zawiyah Mosque, is Goat Bridge, which crosses over the Angke River.

The region used to be the center for goats trade and on the way to the slaughter house the goats had to cross the bridge.

Langgar Tinggi

Built in 1829 by an Arab captain Sheikh Said Naum who used to live in
Palembang before he moved to Pekojan, Langgar Tinggi is also a sight
not to be missed in the area.

Consisting of two-storey langgar near the Angke River, this small mosque was used by merchants and boatmen.

It was once the highest buildings in the area but today it looks no different to most local homes.


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